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Springboard Consultancy - Personal Development Programmes

Gillian has worked with the Springboard Consultancy since 1991 when she became one of the first trainers to be licensed to deliver the now multi-award-winning Springboard women’s development programme by it's developers, Liz Willis and Jenny Daisley.

Gillian is passionate about personal development and says:

"It is a pleasure and a privilege to facilitate development programmes that give participants the time, the space and a process to review where they are, consider their options for the future and then make the changes they want to make for themselves." 

She is now licensed to deliver a number of Springboard Consultancy programmes, including:

The Springboard Programme

The award winning, international Springboard Women's Development programme has four one-day workshops over three months. It gives women the ideas, the skills and the boost in self confidence to make things happen for themselves.   View or Download the form

Spring Forward

Spring Forward is a three-day career development programme (two consecutive days and a third three months later) for men and women on the way up i.e. either considering a move into a management or leadership role, or eager to progress further in their management or leadership role. It explores how gender, culture and managerial status affect communication and motivation and uses creative methods to help participants be all they can be.  View or Download the form

Fresh Steps

This innovative three-day programme (two consecutive days and a third six to eight weeks later) is for men and women, particularly experienced and/or older workers, who want to reassess their lives, explore new possibilities and set new goals.  View or Download the form


This ground-breaking new professional development programme is for undergraduate women. With four one-day workshops over three months, it enable them to take clear, practical, realistic steps to take more control over their lives. There is a special version available to address the issues for postgraduates and researchers. View or Download the form


This personal and work development programme is for men and women who are relatively new to the workplace and in the early stages of their careers. With four one-day workshops over three months, it prepares participants to develop their careers quickly and effectively, by owning their own personal power and being more career ‘savvy’. View or Download the form

As well as Springboard Consultancy programmes, Gillian has also developed a number of customised personal development programmes specifically for people from black and minority ethnic communities.

For more information about Springboard Consultancy programmes and/or other, customised programmes for people from black and minority ethnic communities., contact Gillian on 0141 341 0469 or email me